What if you woke up one morning and your own reflection was erased from every mirror? Would you even really... exist?

Welcome to Bound: Yukionna an original online shoujo manga series illustrated and written by the two-girl creative team of Meimi & Shiori. Telling the story of Fujiwara Rekka and Yorimiya Toshi, two young women who are bound by fate to one body and one destiny, Bound: Yukionna is free to read online by clicking the 'Read' link in the menu above. So grab a coffee, relax and enjoy reading this pseudo-ongoing feature.

UPDATE [April 29th, 2009]: Four years with no update? Wow, I thought we were getting slack before! There are FIVE new comic pages (Chapter 5, pages 11-15) plus a new page to the Toshi & Mamoru side story. Four new illustrations by Meimi in the gallery, two new pieces of fan art. The site also has a new layout and all written content has been revised. Oh, and in the "Extras" section I've added an interview Meimi did for a Japanese fan magazine a while back. We can't promise future updates like this one, but at least we're looking a little snazzier in archive mode now, aren't we? ♥ - Shiori.

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